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How to Care for your JBeauti Jewelry & Keep it Sparkling

Are you worried that with use, your JBeauti jewelry will lose their sparkle? In this blog post, I will describe and show how to best take care of your jewelry to keep them looking their best for years to come.

Good news – your JBeauti jewelry order comes with everything you need to properly care for your jewelry.

What comes with your Jbeauti order.

JBeauti jewelry is made of lustrous sterling silver, which may tarnish slightly with use. For daily cleaning to keep your jewelry looking like new, follow these steps:

1. Gently rub the silver using the complimentary JBeauti Silver Polishing Cloth

2. Rinse the jewelry thoroughly in warm water

3. Carefully dry the jewelry with a soft towel or tissue

*Note: avoid chlorine & bleach

Gently rubbing the surface of the jewelry with the complimentary JBeauti Silver Polishing Cloth.

JBeauti jewelry may tarnish and lose their sparkle with years of use, but with proper care, you can extend the life of your jewelry. Silver that is used often typically needs less care, so JBeauti strongly encourages you to wear your jewelry every day.

If your jewelry is not used frequently, we recommend keeping your jewelry completely dry and in the sealed bags which come with your order. Also, we recommend keeping jewelry away from salty air and products containing sulfur (i.e. rubber bands or other rubber products) as much as possible to avoid tarnishing sterling silver.

Placing jewelry in sealed bags for long-term storage.

Many of JBeauti’s pieces feature gemstones such as jade, coral, pearl and tourmaline. These materials are delicate and easily abraded, so it is best to avoid contact with abrasive surfaces, store jewelry properly and avoid exposure to chemicals (i.e. in household cleaning products).

The Beauty Magnolia collection features both white and green jade.

We hope that these steps and precautions help you care for and maintain the sparkle in your jewelry! If you have any questions or concerns, please email We would be happy to help!

  • by Laura Suomalainen

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