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Small Window, Big Dreams

Discover the symbolism behind the Window Dreams Collection.

Traditional windows overlooking an Asian garden

In Asian architecture, the role of windows is not only for lighting or ventilation, but also for enjoying the view and expressing cultural meaning. With a window, you are able to frame a piece of the outdoor scenery and watch it evolve from inside. You can enjoy the unlimited scenery of different seasons throughout the year through windows - the beautiful blossoms in the spring, the lively green trees in the summer, the various colored leaves in the autumn and the quietness of snow falling in the winter. Views from windows also complement architecture beautifully.

Decorative windows are a form of art itself. Light filtered through the window from outside emphasizes the beautiful designs. There are lots of classical window patterns such as squares, circles, ovals, waves and ice-ray patterns. The circular and rectangular windows are the most popular due to their meaningful symbolization.

The circular window is named “the window of spiritual enlightenment” in Asian cultures. In Buddhism, the circle represents an innocent figure without any prejudices. This window expresses the final stage of spiritual enlightenment. In contrast, the rectangular window is named “the window of bewilderment.” That rectangle shape expresses the entire life of a human. The four corners of the rectangle express four pains people cannot avoid in their lives: to be born, to get old, to get sick and to die.

JBeauti jewelry features this unique window design by combining traditional elegance and modern simplicity in the Window Dreams Collection. The collection is inspired by classical Asian window patterns, but with a more modern design. The hexagon outlines build elegant geometric symmetry and the rustic ice-ray side pattern is elegantly asymmetrical. The vase with plum blossoms creates a dreamy natural scene. What will you dream of as you gaze out this window?

The JBeauti Windown Dreams Collection

  • by Jian Li

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